Show us your Chalk Masterpiece…

Your Springfree Trampoline makes the coolest Chalk Board and you can create some true masterpieces. All you need is a box of coloured chalk and your imagination!

Kids love to be creative and it helps them to develop fine motors skills. There is a great deal of problem solving and concentration which happens as children learn to take what is in their head and draw it onto a giant chalk board! And it’s a nice quiet activity!

Springfree Trampoline - World's Best Chalkboard

Springfree Trampoline - World's Best Chalkboard

And don’t worry mum and dad, the chalk comes straight off with a quick hose – no elbow grease required!

Check out the chalk drawing by Julian Beavers, a very famous artist known for his amazing chalk pieces.

Julian Beavers Chalk Drawing

Julian Beavers Chalk Drawing

His is on the pavement, why not have a crack at your own artistic pieces like this on your Springfree trampoline!

Don’t forget to take a photo of your masterpiece and upload it to our facebook fan page (jpeg format please).

Check back, as we’ll be picking the top 5 designs and uploading them to our website as wallpaper for all to download!

Happy drawing!

From all the team at Springfree, thanks for reading. For any further info on Springfree products, please visit the Springfree Trampoline website. Until next time, safe jumping.”

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